foto 3 - Nuclear Power, a.s.

Scope of the project

Development of the physical inventory of NPP on the basis of a characterization which involves a set of activities, such as investigations, measurements, calculations which start from the knowledge of the facility and its operational history – The decommissioning database.
The final results were used for preparation of different issues, such as decontamination processes, dismantling procedures and tools, radiological protection, materials management (radioactive, non-radioactive and hazardous) and costs planning. These assessments allowed the optimization of the decommissioning process and it´s planning.

Role of company in the project:

• Physical characterization of all objects in V1 NPP area like: – Machine parts,
• Civil structures,
• Steel structures,
• Technological equipment,
• Electro and electro-mechanical parts, Underground objects,
• etc.

In all above-mentioned kinds of objects STM identify and quantify hazardous materials,
Recorded data were imported in to the decommissioning database
Training of customer personnel to use and maintain the decommissioning database.


Results of the project B6.4 – The decommissioning database is used by JAVYS and his subcontractors during implementation of the decommissioning projects

Decommissioning database is a also base for works in controlled area, because is reflecting radiological status of the contaminated materials in V1 NPP.