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The aim of the experimental program is to investigate the basic safety characteristics of the high temperature helium-cooled high-temperature reactor (GFR) and the helium helix model for residual heat removal of the reactor its demonstration unit ALLEGRO.

The experimental device will test the thermodynamic and hydraulic properties of a heat source circuit for simulating the evolution of residual heat in the discharged reactor and the heat exchanger for its removal. The device will enable modeling of the change in output, change of loop hydraulic resistance, helium temperature and pressure.

Nominal operating parameters of the experimental helium cooling loop are:
• Maximum outlet temperature from the reactor 520 °C
• maximum inlet temperature to the reactor 250 °C
• Operating pressure 7.0 MPa – Maximum thermal input 500 kW
• nominal heat input 220 kW

The model should be examined especially for the natural helium circulation in the cooling loop of the emergency reactor cooling down during its different residual power, temperature and pressure of the helium.

Idea of the helium loop for residual heat removal of the reactor is shown in Figure 1.

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Scope of the project

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