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Scope of the project

Provision of experts to support the project: completion of Mochovce 3,4 by assignment of high level technical experts with international experience in construction of VVER Nuclear Power Plants. These experts are providing support zo the existing Project organization by optimizing Project performances and minimizing Project residual risks. The expert team are performing independent assessment of main Project areas with the objective to identify in advance potential residual criticalities and propose preventive and corrective measures on a structured manner.

Role of company in the project:

Supply the team of experts which are carrying out minimally the following activities:

Basic Design Configuration and Licensing:
a) Cooperate on the design change management process and perform independent review of Basic Design open issues;
b) Support technical interface with National Nuclear Safety Authority and Basic Design Author;

a) Cooperate on the design change management process and perform independent review of Detailed Design completeness and open issues;
b) Advice Engineering and Site technical office by proposing solutions in the form of written report to technology driven issues;

a) Verify the compliance of the Project execution with COP (Construction Organization Plan) principles and support the resolution of deviations;
b) Cooperate with the Construction organization in the definition of the technical solutions to mitigate activity delays, resolve non-conformities, optimize construction sequences and optimize conditions for parallel works, resolve conflicts in schedule priorities;

Planning and Coordination:
Perform an independent review of the Project plan and schedule in the written form, identifying in advance potential criticalities and proposing corrective and measurable actions;

a) Support technical coordination between Basic Design Configuration, Engineering, Construction and Commissioning with the aim to anticipate potential critical issues during the Commissioning phase and propose solutions to technical deviations from design requirements;
b) Perform written assessment of Commissioning and flushing sequences and planning in order to identify potential criticalities and areas of improvement for schedule and completion of erection activities